Early Disease Detection and Interception

Europe has a growing ageing population with the number of people above the age of 65 predicted to double by 2050. It is critical that its citizens live their lives with the highest possible quality throughout their lifetime. Achieving this requires new innovative cost-effective solutions to prevent suffering from chronic and complex diseases.

Advances in medicine have led to spectacular progress in certain disease areas. Nevertheless, most diseases today are only detected relatively late once symptoms appear, provoking a visit to the physician or hospital. By this time, tissues and organs have often undergone extensive or irreversible changes, with the choices in therapy being typically quite limited. Interventions often attempt to treat the symptoms and not cure the disease or involve invasive or aggressive therapies of variable benefit to the patient.

LifeTime’s vision is to fundamentally change the way diseases are detected and treated. By providing new knowledge and integrated digital and biomedical technological solutions, diseases will be detected much earlier than is currently possible and intercepted using the most effective therapeutic strategy. Importantly, the choice of treatment will be based on the underlying molecular and cellular causes of the disease in a particular patient. Understanding the early events or response to treatment is key to intercepting diseases before irreparable damage occurs. This new cell-based interceptive medicine will alleviate the suffering, the increasing costs and the societal consequences of living with these diseases.