LifeTime has launched the call for the institution in Europe to become Associated Partners in the consortium.

The Associated Partners can support LifeTime activities, elect two representative members in the Steering Board, and participate in the work packages, working groups, task forces, attend meetings to shape the future of Lifetime and plan this large scale research initiative.

As a first step, the interested institutions should look at the description of LifeTime activities planned during this first preparatory year to determine in which work packages, working groups/task forces they would like to be involved in and define what their contribution to the project could be.

The second step is to contact the Project Partners in their respective country which serve as national contact points. In a country without a LifeTime partner, the LifeTime Office is the contact point.

In the third step, the candidate Associated Partner will fill in an application where it will volunteer to support work in the Work Package(s), based on their interest/expertise. Based on the recommendations of the Work Packages leaders, the LifeTime Steering Board will then take the final decision to accept/reject the received applications.

The last step to officially become an Associated Partner is to sign the LifeTime_Associated_Partner_Agreement.

Only institutions can apply to become an Associated Partner. There is no application deadline to become an Associated Partner, and interested institutions can, in principle, join the consortium at any time during the CSA. However, to participate (as elector and/or candidate) in the vote of the Associated Partner representatives for the LifeTime CSA Steering Board, Associate Partnership applications should be submitted by Friday 21 June.

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