On 5th November from 4pm, you can take a journey into the future with LifeTime’s cell-based interceptive medicine. In a virtual live performance, we explore what life would look like in a world where the goals of the LifeTime Initiative have been successfully implemented. The experience is accompanied by interviews with experts who will analyze the future scenarios from various scientific angles.

On 6th November, from 6 pm, we invite you to join the Falling Walls Circle Table: Can cell-based interceptive medicine revolutionise healthcare?

Rudolf Virchow, whose 200th birthday we will celebrate in 2021, made the revolutionary discovery that “diseases are based on disorders of the body’s cells”. The Berlin Charité pathologist first realised that we must understand the inner workings of human cells to diagnose and treat diseases. How right he was, the past decades have shown: we now know that even small alterations in one or a few cells can, following multiple rounds of division and selection, give rise to life threatening diseases such as cancer. Dealing with a complex disease like that is difficult, curing often impossible. If only we recognised the alterations early enough, removing the disoriented cell would be an easy fix. Or maybe we could even push it back to health on its original path.

A growing community of scientists and clinicians who have the support of numerous organisations believe that new digital and biomedical technologies will allow us to zoom in further on the origin of diseases. Will this put us at a crossroads to fundamentally revamp medicine and our healthcare systems or is it just a futuristic dream?

Speakers at the Circle Table:

  • Stefanie Dimmeler, Institute Of Cardiovascular Regeneration
  • Angelika Eggert, Charité Berlin
  • Nikolaus Rajewsky, Max Delbrück Center For Molecular Medicine
  • Bart De Strooper, Ku Leuven
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