Future medicine: How to meet Europe’s disease challenges?

European citizens are living longer, gaining years, which they should spend with the highest quality of life. Europe needs a new approach to medicine fuelled by powerful technologies that will help people remain healthy throughout their lifetime. Not only do we have to change the way diseases are detected and treated, we also need to prepare for emerging health challenges. Digital and biomedical technologies have the capacity to potentiate other breakthroughs and transform medicine. Their integration promises to provide high-quality healthcare, strengthen Europe’s research and health industry, innovation capacity and global leadership.

How can innovative approaches change clinical practice and open new avenues for every stage of medical care?  What are the steps that should be prioritised at a European level to boost this potential? Our high-level guests from politics, science, industry and the clinics will share their vision with you.

Confirmed Speakers:
Geneviève Almouzni, LifeTime coordinator, Institut Curie, CNRS
Christine Chomienne, Vice-Chair of the Mission Board Cancer at the European Commission
Angelika Eggert, Director of the pediatric oncology and hematology department at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Stefan Oelrich, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG, President Pharmaceuticals
Aviv Regev, Co-chair Human Cell Atlas, Head of Genentech Research & Early Development
Nikolaus Rajewsky, LifeTime coordinator, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association
Manfred Weber, Chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP) Group, European Parliament


Dec 08 2020


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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