The LifeTime Ethics Stakeholder Workshop will take place at the Stem Cell Centre, Helmholtz Zentrum München on 10 July 2019, with the aim to identify the potential ethical, legal and societal issues (ELSI) raised by the development of LifeTime technologies.

With the LifeTime initiative involving researchers from over 20 countries in Europe, the workshop will address the need to align to guidelines and principles required by both EU and international legislation, as well as by the national governments of the countries in which the participants perform their research. To this end, the workshop will bring together experts in the fields of scientific research, law and clinical studies to identify priority areas with ethical challenges as well as additional expertise that might be required to develop an appropriate response. Taskforces will be established to address the specific areas identified and thus, ultimately, the workshop will serve as a foundation to prepare a unified ethical framework for the whole consortium.  The resulting framework will integrate ethics committee protocols for the procurement of patient samples and in vivo models, data management, use of digitalisation for data handling and AI integration.
Programme of the LifeTime Ethics Stakeholder Workshop