LifeTime started as the shared vision of leading scientists (founding members) at over 50 renowned organizations across Europe, who selected 18 partners to submit the proposal. The LifeTime EU grant consortium receives funding from Horizon 2020 for a one year Coordination and Support Action (CSA) to prepare a roadmap for a large scale research initiative. It now consists of 17 beneficiaries and 3 linked third parties in 15 countries. But beyond these partners, LifeTime is an open and expanding community welcoming the participation of Associated Partners.

Naturally, all institutions of founding members not represented in the EU grant consortium will be offered Associate Partnership. In addition new institutions interested to become LifeTime Associated Partners can also apply for this status.

For the LifeTime CSA project, the descriptions of the LifeTime partner status and LifeTime Associated Partner status are summarized in the following table. These statuses are only valid during the first year of the preparatory action and do not refer to the future LifeTime Initiative.


LifeTime Partners…

LifeTime Associated partners…


…are beneficiaries (or linked third parties) of the EU grant

…don’t receive funding from the EU grant during the preparatory action


…sign the LifeTime Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement

…sign the LifeTime  Associated Partner Agreement


…are responsible for carrying out the CSA project tasks and producing deliverables

…volunteer to support the CSA activities, are not obligated to participate in or provide efforts


…all WP leaders participate in the Steering Board with each WP having one vote

…elect 2 representative members in the Steering Board with one vote each

Access, contribution

…are both able to participate in the WPs, working groups, task forces, attend meetings to shape the future of Lifetime and plan the large scale research initiative

Interested institutions should look at the description of LifeTime activities planned during this first preparatory year to determine in which work packages, working groups/task forces they would like to be involved in and define what their contribution to the CSA project could be.

LifeTime encourages them to contact the Project Partners in their respective country which serve as national contact points during the CSA. In a country without a LifeTime partner, please contact the LifeTime Office:

In their application, candidate Associated Partners will volunteer to support work in the WP(s) of their interest/expertise. Based on recommendations of the WP leaders from the WPs in which the applying institution showed an interest, the LifeTime Steering Board will then take the final decision to accept/reject the received applications.

To officially become an Associated Partner, institutions have to sign the LifeTime_Associated_Partner_Agreement.

There is no application deadline to become an Associated Partner, and interested institutions can in principle join the consortium at any time during the CSA.

Individuals can join the LifeTime Initiative by signing up as supporters here.

Institutions can apply to become an Associated Partner. Institutional application forms below can be submitted at any time.

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