The conference “LifeTime meets industry” is organised by LifeTime WP7 leaders: Jan Ellenberg, Susan Gasser and Joachim Schulze together with the industry partners Salah-Dine Chibout and Jonathan Moggs. 

The event will enable all interested industry participants to get involved in one of the key tasks of the LifeTime preparatory year: defining clear and efficient paths towards the development of new products and services and their adoption into daily use in medicine, healthcare and the life sciences.

The meeting is not only the occasion to contribute to the development of

1) the LifeTime industry strategy: strategic engagement plan for industry partners, major ecosystem players and relevant industry associations defining important collaboration platforms (e.g. formal consortia, co-location of research, networking, tracking of technologies, etc.) with different industry sectors, geographic areas, enterprise sizes and types of interactions

2) the LifeTime innovation framework: a framework for innovative ways of interacting and sharing risk between stakeholders, supporting public/private partnerships and business creation,

but also, the opportunity to provide crucial input to the LifeTime Roadmap and formulate recommendations for future funding frameworks supporting academia/industry collaborations within Horizon Europe.

After detailed introductions of the four Science & Technology work packages of LifeTime and their industry related goals and plans, there will also be a presentation of the IMI2.0 evolution and the current status of the IHI strategic agenda.

Over 100 industry representatives are invited.

If you join the event, be prepared to discuss and present your interest in and ideas for LifeTime to other participants in an open and informal setting. We will have several parallel sessions for each sector with a programme that is set on the day of the event following an adaptation of the UnConference format.

EVERYBODY is welcome to present and exchange ideas in the spirit of collaboration and strategy development. We expect this event will generate exciting new ideas and open new avenues for translational research and innovation.

A strategy document outlining the alignment of LifeTime vision with the interests of various industry sectors and how-to best support biomedical research and innovation in Europe will be prepared and published.