Newsletter - December 2020

Lifetime Online Event

Future medicine: How to meet Europe’s disease challenges?

European citizens are living longer, gaining years, which they should spend with the highest quality of life. Europe needs a new approach to medicine fuelled by powerful technologies that will help people remain healthy throughout their lifetime. Not only do we have to change the way diseases are detected and treated, we also need to prepare for emerging health challenges. Digital and biomedical technologies have the capacity to potentiate other breakthroughs and transform medicine. Their integration promises to provide high-quality healthcare, strengthen Europe’s research and health industry, innovation capacity and global leadership. What are the steps that should be prioritised at a European level to boost this potential? Our high-level guests from politics, science, industry and the clinics will share their vision with you.
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Update from industry

New industry supporters

The community continues to grow and LifeTime is pleased to welcome all new industry partners.
We are glad that Pfizer recently joined the numerous pharmaceutical companies supporting the LifeTime vision.
Single Cell Multi-Omics Grant for Multiple Myeloma

Proteona is calling for scientists and clinicians to submit abstracts for its 2020 grant for multiple myeloma, which will award up to US$50,000 worth of single cell multi-omic analysis, sequencing, and bioinformatics services. Application deadline: 31st of January 2021.

Multiple myeloma (MM) is an incurable blood cancer characterised by heterogeneous and rapidly evolving tumors, leading to frequent relapses. MM tumor clones differ from patient to patient, and vary even within the same individual, making MM challenging to treat and an excellent use case for single cell multi-omics.

Proteona invite the LifeTime community to submit proposals on how you will use the Enhanced Single Cell Analysis with Protein Expression and RNA Sequencing (ESCAPE™ RNA-Seq) platform to analyse your clinical samples and how you will make use of the data. They look for projects with the potential to contribute to the LifeTime vision: to improve therapy strategy using molecular evidences and to ultimately improve patient treatment outcome.
evorion biotechnologies

The young company based in Münster, Germany is now also part of the LifeTime community and is happy to introduce evorion CellCity a microfluidic plug-and-play platform that enables functional phenomics at single-cell resolution. With CellCity you can array and track thousands of individual cells/cell pairs in a 3D microenvironment. Investigate how they interact. Monitor how they respond to stimuli. Link genes to functions. CellCity makes massively parallelized single-cell analysis easy (just 4 workflow steps!) and flexible. Watch their latest video of the system in action. You can also check out here how researchers at the University of Münster used CellCity to reveal and explain the exchange of extracellular vesicles between individual endothelial and breast cancer cells for the first time. More information is available here or email at Dr. Sebastian Bühren (CEO & Co-founder). Get the latest updates from their LinkedIn page.

Job openings

Junior group leader position at Institute Curie

The Institute Curie is recruiting a junior group leader on its research campus in central Paris in the “Nuclear Dynamics” unit, which is part of the LabEx DEEP for “Development, Epigenesis, Epigenetics and Lifetime Potential”.
Outstanding candidates wishing to address questions on the fundamental mechanisms of nuclear organization, genome biology and epigenetics, through computational and/or modeling approaches are most welcome to apply. The Nuclear Dynamics unit is looking for candidates with expertise in bioinformatics, computational biology and/or theoretical biological physics, as well as a proven ability to collaborate with experimentalists.
The newly recruited group will benefit from a starting package from the Institute Curie Research Centre with a complement from the LabEx DEEP. Successful candidates should meet the criteria to compete for national and international funding and for French institutional research positions.
Send a full CV, motivation letter, 3-4 pages research plan and contact details of 3-5 individuals who can be contacted for recommendation letters. Short-listed candidates will be invited to present their past achievements and future research programme.
Applications should be sent to:
For information, please contact Angela Taddei:, +33156246704
Deadline for applications: 15th March 2021
Interviews scheduled in May 2021


PSL-Qlife quantitative biology winter school

The Qlife programme in Quantitative Biology of the PSL University, in partnership with the LabEx DEEP, is pleased to announce calls for applications to attend the 2021 PSL-Qlife quantitative biology winter school, entitled “Cell Dynamics in Developmental Systems”.
Through a series of lectures and digital workshops, the course will have a focus on recent technological developments in sequencing, imaging and image analysis to study temporal and spatial resolution of gene expression, cell dynamics and morphological features.
This school is designed for Master 2 and PhD students, as well as postdocs and junior scientists with biology, physics, computer science or mathematics backgrounds. The winter school is limited to 20 participants and basic experience in file manipulation under Unix/Linux and in Python or R programming is required.
For more information and registrations:
Deadline for application is December 6th, 2020
Winter School: 8th-12th February 2021
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